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Bacon Soup Can Mini-Figures with DLC

Bacon Soup Can Mini-Figures with DLC

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  • Comes with EXCLUSIVE DLC in-game code for mobile game Bendy in Nightmare Run.   ALSO, 1 in 18 chance to get RARE code.
  • 1 random mystery figure per blind soup can.
  • Total of 9 characters per series including rare (1:24) gold bendy!
  • Size of figures range from 2-3" / 5-7.5cm depending on the character.
  • Made out of high-quality PVC vinyl with very good clip.
  • Clip onto your backpack, keychain, or other places.
  • Character list: Bendy, Sammy Lawrence, Winking Alice Angel, Mic Alice Angel, Dead Boris, Boris the Wolf, Ink Bendy, Umbrella Bendy, & Gold Bendy